Storing BTC With CoinSecured Wallet Is Free and Safe


Not only is storing bitcoin with CoinSecured easy and safe – there’s also no setup fee. To deposit with our one-step system, simply create a new transaction in your current wallet or exchange and send any amount of bitcoin to our wallet address:


  1. Open Wallet and create a new transaction sending to: bc1qf7zqe7ypcjd2l84fsywysq7psce7px4ry8s7qh
  2. In the Label field add your email address
  3. Done. your coins are now secured.

India’s Strongest Bitcoin Security

  • 100% anonymous deposits, we do not accept any. personal information ever.
  • No online logins to be compromised, we let blockchain do all the work.
  • No withdraws means no withdraw fees
  • CoinSecured stores your Bitcoin in state of the art hard drives 24/7